BH11.11/ヒト・環境メタゲノムメタデータのオントロジー整備とRDF化/mapping sample


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SRS ID #sample Subject1 skos:Mapping Ontology Term1 Ontology ID1 Subject2 Ontology Term2 skos:Mapping Ontology Term2 Ontology ID2
Arctic: Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea 1 skos:broadMatch sea ENVO:00000016 Amundsen Gulf skos:exactMatch Amundsen Gulf GAZ:00051850
Food metagenome ; Metagenomic study of an J1 community from a kimchi, korean traditional fermented food. 1 skos:broadMatch fermented food product ENVO:01000013 korean skos:broadMatch [Former] State of Korea GAZ:00037803
Lake 227, Experimental Lakes Area, Ontario 1 skos:broadMatch lake ENVO:00000020 Lake 227, Experimental Lakes Area, Ontario skos:broadMatch Lake Ontario GAZ:00002460
South Korea:Damyang, Yeongsan river 1 skos:broadMatch river ENVO:00000022 South Korea:Damyang, Yeongsan river skos:broadMatch Damyang County GAZ:00027930
South Korea:Gwangju, Yeongsan river 1 skos:broadMatch river ENVO:00000022 South Korea:Gwangju, Yeongsan river skos:broadMatch Gwangju City GAZ:00027926
South Korea:Jeonnam, lake 1 skos:broadMatch lake ENVO:00000020 South Korea:Jeonnam, lake skos:broadMatch South Korea GAZ:00002802
South Korea:Naju, Yeongsan river 1 skos:broadMatch river ENVO:00000022 South Korea:Naju, Yeongsan river skos:broadMatch Naju City GAZ:00027944
marine metagenome Arctic cryopeg brine, Permafrost Shaft Genomic DNA sample Viromecryopegbrine 1
marine metagenome Arctic first-year summer sea ice, Beaufort Sea Genomic DNA sample ViromeFYsummerIce 1 skos:broadMatch sea ice ENVO:00002200 Beaufort Sea skos:exactMatch Beaufort Sea GAZ:00008944
terrestrial biome, subtropical division, terrace, contamination feature, soil 1 skos:broadMatch soil ENVO:00001998
16S rRNA sequences of fecal bacterial community from Beef cattle 1 skos:broadMatch feces ENVO:00002003 Beef cattle skos:broadMatch Bos taurus NCBITaxon:9913